Bangus Valley


The Bangus Valley is a Himalayan sub-valley of the Kashmir Valley. It is situated in the North area of Kupwara District, in Jammu and Kashmir.


Bangus is 72 Kilometers away from Srinagar and lies at an altitude of 10,000 ft. above sea level. The principal valley is locally known as "Badi Bangus" (Big Bangus) and has an estimated area of about 300 Square Kilometers. It consists of a linear elliptical bowl aligned along the east-west axis and is surrounded by Rajwar and Mawar in the east, Shamasbury and Dajlungun Mountains in the west and Chowkibal and Karnah Guli in the north. A smaller valley known as "Lokut Bangus" (Small Bangus) lies on the north-eastern side of the main valley. The valley is traversed by many small streams with nearly 14 tributaries, including the Roshan Kul, Tillwan Kul and Douda Kul. The water of these streams form one of the headwaters of the Kamil River which in turn joins the Lolab stream, thus forming the Pohru River.

Bangus is replete with a diverse variety of flora and fauna. The meadows and the slopes of the side plateaus are covered with a range of flowers and medicinal plants. Fresh water fishes of moderate size and their fingerlings inhabit the streams. The valley's forests and plains serve as the breeding, feeding and protection grounds for many wild animal species. The wild life of includes about 50 species of animals and about 10 species of birds. The animal species include the musk deer, antelope, snow beopard, brown bear, black bear, monkeys, and red fox. A large number of residents and migratory birds can also be found feeding and breeding in the valley. The prominent resident birds include the Pheasants, Tragophan, Monal Pheasant, Black Partridge Jungle, Bush Quail, and Wild Fowl.

It can be reached from Reshnari Rajwar (upper rim of wadarbala) through two paths or gullies

a) Rahwali
b) Yaddil.

Rahwali leads to a bigger ground known as Masheed Angan and Yaddil culminates into a yaddil maidan ( ground) Masheed Angan and Yaddil comprise chotta Bangus .

Chotta Bangus narrows down into a lane known as Goriber, surrounded on two lateral sides by number of mountain peaks.

Goriber opens into a large grazing meadow known as Bada Bangus. It is vast meadow comprising hundreds of acres abounding in large number of wild and rare medicinal plants. At one side of Bada Bangus is another plain table land called as Nicherian, at the top of which it harbours alpine vegetation and still at a good height is a flat ground known as Jatti which is approachable through Mawar area via Neelvan forest. This area is famous for medicinal plants.It takes at least three days stay at Bangus to visit major portion of the Bangus valley.